Life can be challenging. Investing doesn't have to be.

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a clear path forward

Our tailored financial plan will enable you to act boldly. Our investing approach, focused on quality, seeks to inspire confidence no matter what lies ahead.

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Putting you first

We invest for clients in the same way we invest for ourselves and our family members. We act as a fiduciary, always placing your interests ahead of our own. 

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Refreshingly Simple

Our time-tested approach of purchasing only what we believe to be high quality businesses at attractive prices, is simple and effective.      

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We invest differently so you can live differently.

Our high conviction investment approach seeks to help you retire earlier by improving performance. By owning businesses over long periods of time, we aim to improve after-tax earnings. These Selective businesses demonstrate consistent, predictable and growing earnings power, creating wealth for our clients over time.


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High Quality businesses

Truly Selective

We believe that high quality businesses share common characteristics. They are powerful leaders in their industry. They have dominating competitive positions. These are just a few of the qualities we look for in the businesses we purchase. You can count on these to perform consistently for you no matter the current market conditions.

Our clients understand what they own and why they own it.

Most Firms are Not Selective

The majority of mutual funds, ETFs, and advisors hyper-diversify by purchasing hundreds of businesses. This investment style guarantees average results - purchasing a mix of weak and strong companies. We believe in concentrating on our best ideas.


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Gain boardroom access

Be treated like a business owner

At Selective, we recognize that investors are business owners. We provide a uniquely transparent view into each business you own. We treat you as a business owner, providing you with quarterly boardroom updates. These updates provide a clear and succinct picture of the underlying performance of each business. Unlike daily stock performance, these key performance indicators provide a more accurate reflection of the long-term value being generated by your investment.

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