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At Selective, we typically work with clients that are in or near retirement and have investable assets of at least $1 million. It is critical that clients are highly engaged in the planning process, as one of our core values is providing world class comprehensive wealth management.

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Your Needs First. Always.

Selective Wealth Management was founded on the principle of placing client needs first. We believe our focus on professional development sets us apart from our peers. As a firm, we aim to go above and beyond the standard definition of service by incorporating all key elements of wealth management.
Our team exhibits exceptional integrity, strong relational skills, and the talent to become world class in our profession.  Every year, we conduct at least two internal VIP Sessions for each client, where a CFA, CPA, and CFP® collaborate by brainstorming value enhancing opportunities on your behalf.


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Getting Started With Selective.

Connect with our knowledgeable team to learn how Selective helps clients achieve their unique goals and objectives.
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