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Cost Comparison

Are you paying too much for your advisor?

Our mission at Selective is to provide world class comprehensive planning services at the lowest possible price. Minimizing your advisory fees is one of the most powerful ways to optimize your financial wealth and we are fully aligned with your success. By paying less, you keep more. Check out how much you can save using the calculator below.


The calculator below compares the fund fees and advisory costs of the average financial advisor in the United States compared to our most competitive fee schedule at Selective.

The calculators on the site provide a high level overview of your financial picture.  For comprehensive planning, schedule a meeting.


  • Average Advisor data from Kitces study published in 2022 (The-Kitces-Report-FP-Process-How-Financial-Planners-Actually-Do-Financial-Planning-Vol-2-2022.pdf). The study involved 767 firms, approximately 371 of which used a tiered ("graduated") fee structure. The average range for client investable assets was $500k-$1.8m. For more information, or a copy of the study please email

  • Average Fund Fee data from Morningstar 2022 U.S. Fund Fee Study (Morningstar's U.S. Fund Fee Study | Morningstar) and is the asset-weighted average expense ratio of all U.S. open-end mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. Portfolio allocations vary from advisor to advisor. Average Fund Fee for Selective is based on the weighted average of all utilized approved securities across the firm as of 06/28/2024 - this includes ETFs, mutual funds, stock, and bonds. Client may hold securities outside the Approved Securities list with higher or lower fees but are excluded from this calculation since they are generally held at the client's request.

  • Selective Wealth Management fee displayed differs from what is represented in Form ADV 2A since fees are negotiable. 

  • Investing contains risk and past performance is no guarantee of future results.


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