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Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Christopher Devlin, CFA®

Christopher Devlin, CFA®

Founder and President of Selective Wealth Management (“Selective”), is a Charter Financial Analyst with a passion for financial advising and investment management. He graduated from Penn State in 2007 with a degree in Nuclear Engineering and spent three years as a Reactor Physics Startup Engineer at Areva.

Chris founded Selective in 2012, and under his leadership, Selective experienced significant growth through 13 acquisitions growing to more than $350 million in assets. Chris was the portfolio manager for the Selective Opportunity Fund and Selective Premium Income Fund from 2015 to 2022.

In addition to building Selective, Chris is married with one daughter and enjoys spending his free time with friends and family.


Our in-house team of experienced professionals work together to unlock your wealth's full potential by coordinating all aspects of your financial wellbeing.  When we work together, your wealth works harder.

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